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We need your help to continue providing accessible community programming. Thanks to our talented and hardworking staff, 4e attracts project grants from various outside sources, but we need local sponsors and volunteers to help us deliver our programs, and to keep the 4e office open and the staff employed.

We appreciate all our donors, and have listed as many as we can here below. Please note that anyone who donates $20 or more also gets a year’s membership┬áto 4e.

Membership entitles the holder to free rentals from our DVD collection (featuring dozens of great movies and superb documentaries on nature, community and the arts), reduced rates on rentals of outdoor equipment etc., and a vote at 4e’s Annual General Meeting, among other things.

New for Summer 2017!

All new memberships or membership renewals come with a special bonus, only available until September! Contact us for more details.