Consultation and Advocacy

There is a good deal of behind-the-scenes support required for artists to do what they do, and for organizations like 4e to do the work we do in communities. Call it organizational capacity, regional development, organizational infrastructure, building networks, accessing and advocating for funding, skills development and training...

Our curatorial work has a lot to do with environmental sustainability and community development and sustainability. We do an equal amount of work to support sustainability in the arts and culture sector. We see this work is linked.

We support artists in their training and education, provide workshops and work with them to develop their portfolios, create opportunities to exhibit, invite them to participate in programs, and connect them with other artists.

We share our knowledge of arts and culture and advocate regarding the needs of the sector, particularly for the rural north, with economic development agencies and funders through presentations, discussions, research, and development of strategies and initiatives. In this capacity we have worked, partnered, collaborated and consulted with numerous organizations and funders over the year.

Some of the work we've done:

  • worked with NORDIK (Northern Ontario Research Development Innovation Knowledge, Sault Ste. Marie) on a three-month project working with several arts organizations in the north to develop capacity and inter-organizational connections
  • made a presentation at a gathering of provincial and federal funding agencies Reflecting the North: Regional Realities in Art, Craft and Culture
  • worked with LAMBAC on their five year planning process and arts and culture capacity-building; hosted an Ontario Crafts Council meeting on Manitoulin
  • hosted Ontario Arts Council information sessions, participated in their various consultations, and made presentations to the OAC about the needs of our region
  • made presentations to the council and public of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands about the needs of the arts and culture sector
  • worked closely with Billings Township to support their sustainability plan.

To see our presentation to funders at the Reflecting the North: Regional Realities in Art, Craft and Culture click on the link below:

Reflecting the North: Regional Realities in Art, Craft and Culture - 4e Presentation


None of this work is funded, but it's critical for developing a sustainable sector.

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