Past Programs

Since its founding in 2002, 4elements has presented, created and curated numerous programs from a variety of art disciplines (urban and rural, emerging and professional dance, aboriginal and non-aboriginal visual arts, media, theatre, textual, and performance artists and artist groups), establishing itself as a professional presenter and community arts animator on Manitoulin.

In its role as a community animator it has worked with individuals and organizations to advocate for arts development and infrastructure, develop and mentor emerging artists, present established and emerging artists, provide workshops for children, adults, curate dozens of visual arts shows, as well as provide a venue for arts activities where there previously were few opportunities.  We have worked regularly in Little Current Public School providing arts workshops in visual arts, theatre, dance and writing.



Annual Institutes

Annual Institutes that integrate multi-disciplinary arts in an on-going exploration of the relationship

between communities, place, art and the land/scape.

– Bonnie Blink Project, Sheguiandah, 2012

– Paraphrase, Little Current, 2009

– Stone Inquiries, Malta, 2008

– Stone Inquiries, Tuscany, 2007

– Stone Inquiries: Manitoulin, 2006

Curated Events

Kai Chan (sculptural and fibre artist, Toronto, OAC and CCA award recipient).

Judy Bowyer (audio artist, Kitchener)

Christi Belcourt (Espanola/Whitefish Falls painter, OAC and CCA grant recipient)

Judy Martin (mixed media artist, Manitoulin, OAC grant recipient)

V. Jane Gordon (installation and outdoor intervention, Dundas School of the Arts, OAC grant recipient)

Willisville Mountain Show, co-curation – Sophie Edwards and Christi Belcourt

Water: A Group Show, Little Current

Performing Arts

4e has received numerous grants from the OAC and Heritage Canada to present such groups and individuals as:

Mump and Smoot (Toronto)

Zuppa Kitchen Theatre (Nova Scotia)

Number 11 Theatre (Toronto)

De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre (Manitoulin)

Candice Helm (ballet-Toronto)

COBA (Toronto)

Danny Grossman Dance (Toronto)

Chaandam (south asian dance, Toronto)

Tini Pel (Cechetti, Manitoulin)