Schools Programs

4e works closely with local schools to support arts education and supplement existing curricular expectations.

In addition to classes in communities around the Island (Gore Bay, M'Chigeeng, Mindemoya, Kagawong), we work through the Priority Schools program to provide after schools programs at Little Current Public School.

We have also developed innovative integrated programs for students, including a year long vision project at Little Current Public School, and a 3-month storytelling program for Grades 7/8 students titled: Who We Are: Place, Land, Identity.

Students worked with local artists and elders to learn about the history(ies) and cultures of the area. They read and wrote stories. They participated in oral storytelling, spoken word, and a variety of written forms of story-telling.

We also support teachers and educational organizations such as Kenjgewin-teg Institute in M'Chigeeng, by providing workshops in integrating the arts into education, developing and supporting place-based education, and and work with them to develop responsive, student-centered curriculum.