Concussion Prevention Policy

Concussion prevention policy

In all activities with both children and adults, 4e staff and facilitators will endeavour to work and play safely at all times, while encouraging full educational engagement with each other and the environment. The following points will be made clear to staff and facilitators of 4elements, so that risk of concussion is reduced in our activities.

  • Injury in general is found to be decreased in environments where there is mutual respect held between all participants, be they children, youth, or adults. Carry this awareness in social context of programming and encourage mutual respect in all interactions.
  • Build awareness of need for shoulder and neck strength in all children, youth, and adults. This reduces the amount of stress to the head when/if there is contact. Add isometric exercises with side to side and back to front stretching and strengthening of neck, to general stretches and balance-building exercises, in preparation for outdoor activities.
  • Use and encourage care and alertness in walking and hiking, to avoid missteps and falls on roots, rocks or uneven ground. Where possible, check routes or teaching areas ahead of sessions to be aware of potential hazards.
  • In soccer games, no heading techniques to be used by children. In general limit head contact in all games.
  • In cycling, participants will wear helmets at all times. Follow manufacturers’ guidelines on use of helmets and fitting them appropriately.
  • Note that no particular equipment can prevent concussion, so alertness and broad based observation is the best prevention.