FREE GIF Workshop

FREE Animated GIF Workshop

Workshop Dates: June 16 6pm-7pm & June 23 6pm-7:30pm
Do you enjoy drawing, painting or photography? Are you interested in animation? 
In partnership with the Township of Assiginack 4elements Living Arts is offering a two-part workshop in GIF making with resident artist Chantal Rousseau. Learn how to turn your nature documentations into the popular GIF animations you often see online.

In this two part virtual workshop participants will learn how to use free online software to make an animated GIF from drawings, paintings, collage, or photographs. They will be introduced to the basic animation principles of movement, looping, framing, speed, and how to create animation cells. 

In the following week this information will remain available as participants are encouraged to go outside to observe and document movement in nature – how a leaf shakes in the wind, how water flows over rocks, the different speeds of clouds moving through the sky, the mechanics of how a bird walks or flies. From their nature drawings, paintings, collages or photography participants are invited to create an animated GIF with Chantal’s support.

In the final meeting participants will come together to share their finished creations, talk about their process and celebrate their accomplishments. The workshop will take place over Zoom. Please register below to receive the Zoom meeting links.

Participation requirements: access to a computer, internet and the ability to photograph or scan images and transfer these images to a computer. Imaging software such as Photoshop is helpful, but not required. If these are barriers to participation, please contact us to discuss how we can support. Best suited for participants 12+ but people of all ages and experiences are invited to join.

About Chantal

Chantal Rousseau has been a practicing artist for over 20 years. She recently had a solo exhibition featuring her animated GIFs at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in Kingston, Ontario. Her work is inspired by observations of the diverse forms of life and ecosystems of the place she is living in. She is currently an artist-in-residence in 4elements living arts new mobile studio. Learn more about her work here