4elements offers 3 stunning books on land/art/community

These three beautiful informative books will inspire you to connect with land and community in new ways!  Learn about 4elements’ work and let us expand how you see and engage with your own places.  Each publication is full of images, resource lists, project ideas, and inspirational stories and questions from educators, artists, and/or community organizers.  Each book costs $35 plus shipping.  See below for viewing excerpts.

Click this link to order The Art of Land-Based Early Learning Volume 1 or Volume 2.

1) The Art of Land-Based Early Learning, Volume 1:  The emergence of materials and ecological relationships. In this volume, we document and share our experiences with natural art materials and the emergence of ecological relationships through hands-on creative engagement with children in classrooms and outdoor environments.  Clay, fibres, natural dyeing, charcoal and earth pigments are all featured. (144 pages)

View Vol 1. excerpt HERE

2) The Art of Land-Based Early Learning, Volume 2: The emergence of artist, artwork and community connections. In this volume we share children’s and educators’ experiences as they learn together through art-making:  about themselves and their human and ecological communities in the process. We provide insight on the role of artwork and the focused attention of the creative process to build capacities in observation & reflection that are key to art and science learning, at all ages.  Includes drawing, stitching, land-art, creative mapping, and more. (184 pages)

View Vol 2. excerpt HERE

3) Learning the Land: Creative Community Engagements

In this book you will discover 4elements Living Arts’ diverse community projects that have engaged participants of all ages:  on trails, in community halls, at schools, at lakeshore beaches, partnering with numerous organizations and volunteers to bring creative perspectives for learning about communities and ecosystems.  We offer ideas and suggestions for ways to instigate shared creative inquiries to explore your town or local landscapes, and see familiar places in new ways every day! (158 pages)

To order 4elements’ Creative Community Engagements book, click HERE.

To see an excerpt from Learning the Land:  Creative Community Engagements, click HERE.

For more information, contact info@4elementslivingarts.org.