4elements Office Space Fundraiser

Help support 4elements Living Arts to set up our new office located in Kagawong!

4elements Living Arts is a non-profit arts organization that provides community arts workshops, organizes in-school programs, and facilitates arts-based community development and events across Manitoulin Island. Our new location will house our office, and provide a small gallery and workshop space. Visit us by mid-June at 91 Main st. Kagawong!

4elements is in need of cash donations, big or small and gently used/new office supplies and equipment (See our wish list below). To donate please see sidebar!

Every donation helps 4elements to reach its mandate and every donation enters your name into a draw to WIN:

  • One free workshop of your choice (youth or adult)
  • A catalog from one of our 2014 exhibitions
  • A land art photographic reproduction
  • Your name and/or business logo goes on our website

Office Wishlist
*name(s) in brackets indicate item donated
*bold indicates items still needed

Office Kitchen:

  • Mini fridge (Ken Barss)
  • Coffee maker (Sophie Edwards)
  • Kettle (Sophie Edwards)
  • Mugs (Veronique Main)
  • plates/utensils (Sharon Jackson & Erin-Blythe Reddie)



  • Large business sign for building
  • Sign at Kagawong entrance
  • Banner for events
  • Business cards

  • Computers (3): E.D., Intern, and contract worker (1-HP laptop from Sharon Jackson, flat screen monitor from Kate Thompson, iMac from Pam Jackson and Gary Fuhrman)
  • Printer/scanner (Richard Lathwell, Dave Edwards, Sharon Jackson)
  • Phone
  • Speaker phone (Pam Jackson & Gary Fuhrman)
  • Microsoft Word (Excel, Word) (Joan Sheppard)
  • Adobe Cloud (InDesign, Photoshop)


Office maintenance

  • Internet service
  • Business telephone listing
Office Furniture/Equipment:

  • Desks (3) (2-Pam Jackson, Dan Hawk, Ken MacKenzie)
  • Desk chairs (Sophie Edwards & Pam Jackson & Gary Fuhrman
  • Chairs for meetings (foldable) (Erin-Blythe Reddie)
  • 4 folding tables for art classes (1- Billings Township)
  • Railings for hanging art work
  • Filing cabinets (4 drawers) (Jody Pilon)
  • Post card stand 
  • Small meeting table (Mariana Lafrance)
  • Keyboard drawer (Pam Jackson)
  • Desk lamps
  • Storage and tote bins for art supplies (2 plastic storage bins from Kate Thompson)
  • White board (Sophie Edwards)
  • cupboard (Kate Thompson)
  • Bookshelves (Pam Jackson & Gary Fuhrman, Joyce Young, )

  • Paper (document, photographic and poster)
  • Coloured paper (for flyers) (Sharon Jackson)
  • File folders (Dave Edwards...)
  • Binders (5) (Erin-Blythe Reddie)
  • Staplers (2) (Kate Thompson)
  • Hole-punch  (Kendra Edwards)
  • Paper-cutter (large) (Erin-Blythe Reddie)
  • Sharpies (Sharon Jackson)
  • Paper clips
  • Memory sticks
  • CDs for grant applications
  • Printer Ink (Richard Lathwell...)
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps


Art Supplies:
We constantly need art and fibre supplies for our in-school and other community programming
(We have received generous fibre stash donations from Kate Thompson, Jody Pilon, Linda Wilson, Linda Noble, Sandy Cook Kilpatrick, Sheepish Grin (Dianne Cruttenden) and Julieanne Steedman for our children's workshops)

Cash donations generously donated by Natasha Reuter (Island Jar in Little Current) & Gary Fuhrman

To donate please see sidebar (right)!

For more information contact 4e: