4elements Living Arts is a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural, non-profit arts organization on Manitoulin Island. We investigate and integrate relationships between landscape, creativity, and community, through research, arts creation, and community cultural and economic development.

Founded in 2002 by Sophie Edwards and colleagues, in response to the need for creative spaces for artists, art exhibitions and programming in our local communities, the organization has a mandate to engage and inspire creative exploration of land and our relationships to it. For the first few years we curated art shows with local and visiting artists and hosted professional artist workshops, and presented performance arts throughout Manitoulin. In 2009 we incorporated as a formal non-profit organization, with a focus on programs that integrate the arts and land issues using a place-based and community-based approach. Sophie Edwards was the 4e Executive Director and provided artistic direction from inception until 2018. 

Our Vision, Our Mission

Engaged experiences of land, arts and community

Our mission is to nurture and inspire community engagement in land-based arts on Manitoulin Island.

What We Do


4elements Living Arts has developed complex community-engaged programs with multiple community partners. 4e integrates many elements into this work, such as arts/culture/food/land-use history.​


4elements has offered artist residencies since 2012. If you would like to work with 4elements on an existing project, or design your own, please contact us. ​

Who We Are

Susan Snelling
Board Member/President
Natalie Corbiere
Board Member
Rebecca Danard
Board Member/Treasurer
Peter Armstrong
Board Member


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