Elemental Festival 2019

Elemental Festival is a site-specific event that brings art in many forms - installation, music, audio art, performance art, and writing craft - into a rural, northern Ontario landscape.

The 2019 installment of Elemental Festival, entitled Moving Connections, will be held September 26-29, 2019 in beautiful Kagawong, Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

To buy tickets, click the Shop menu above, or the link after ticketed events.  To volunteer, please visit this link for more info, or contact us directly using the information at the bottom of the page.

Read on for the schedule, or download this handy version for printing:  Elemental Festival 2019 Schedule

  • Thursday Sep 26
  • Friday Sep 27
  • Saturday Sep 28
    • 10-11am  Kid’s art workshop with Mishiikenh Kwe (click here to register)
    • 11am-1pm Play, Learn, Think! workshop with Pierre Harrison
    • 1:30-4:30pm Afternoon musical showcase. Magic by Ashley Manitowabi. Performances by Duncan Cameron, and Robbie Shawana.
    • 7pm Evening concert: Marcel Beneteau opens for Fagroongala (click here to buy tickets)
  • Sunday Sep 29
    • 10am-noon: Art workshop with drum performance with Veronica Johnny  (click here to buy tickets)
    • 12:30-1:30pm Vocal workshop with Everett Levi Morrison
    • 1:30-4:30pm Afternoon musical showcase. Musical performances with Ethan Theijsmeijer, Everett Levi Morrison, and Voices North.
    • 4:30pm Closing Ceremony

4e launched its inaugural Elemental Festival in October 2015. It is a recurring event that highlights our commitment to curate innovative land-based work in tandem with community-engaged activities in which artists and community members can explore themes related land and arts.

Elemental Festival is a unique multi-day, interdisciplinary, outdoor cultural experience. It is Manitoulin-based, c0-minging local artists, writers, musicians and community members with visiting creators, to create an opportunity for inquiry, inspiration, and exchange. Each year we focus the Festival around a land-based curatorial theme, and invite artists to respond to this specific, diverse ecosystem on Mnidoo Mnising | Manitoulin Island. The Festival runs in late September. The Festival attracts both local audiences that we’ve developed over the last 15 years through our land-based programming and Festival go-ers travelling from afar. 

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