Fieldbook Project

This project embraced interest in natural science, geography and the land, and the personal creative, non-representational practices of embodied experiences.

4elements Living Arts has undertaken fifteen years of work along a path toward community transformation. We came to walking out of a need to connect people back to place and to facilitate stewardship of our island landscapes and ecosystems. We did this in the simplest, most accessible way we knew how: by showing up – and walking. Throughout 4e’s history we’ve come at issues of community, identity, culture and place from many different angles: curatorial projects, archival research, exhibitions, community consultation processes, school programs and outdoor art-making. We take folks out on the land through a range of creative engagements to deepen awareness of land and place via natural science, history, art-making, oral history, creative mapping, collaborative and personal art-making, and embodied engagements. In 2016 we decided to formally engage ‘walking’ as a curatorial theme, one that has flowed through many of the organization’s projects and programs.

Most recent projects and programs